Cotton and Dust Kitchens

We craft the world's finest cutting boards and serving boards.

All products and serving boards come with a Lifetime Reconditioning Guarantee.

About The Company

Cotton and Dust® Products of West Texas is a high-end custom cutting board and kitchen accessory maker.

We are not a manufacturer in the conventional sense. Nothing is "stamped" out at our facility. Each piece of wood is carefully selected to make your new investment, and we accept only the finest quality pieces in our shop. Everything is inspected and signed off by the owner. 

All of our wood is sourced from the United States and South America.

We promise, you'll love your Cotton and Dust® product, and since it's your money, we want this to be a one-time purchase. We live in an age of throwaway goods and services. Inferior craftsmanship, wether intentional or not, stops here.

We've also been doing this for a while now - about 25 years. You will not find a better made products for your kitchen. 

Owner/Founder, Matthew Harper

A West Texas Native, Matthew has been woodworking since age six. His supervisory experience began in Junior High and through the years he developed another interest- food. It seemed only natural to craft cutting boards so while settling down with a new family, he founded Cotton and Dust® Products of West Texas with one goal in mind: To make the finest products available. To last decades.