Cotton and dust products of west texas

Artisans of the Finest Cutting Boards & High-End Kitchen Accessories Available

We craft the world's finest cutting boards and serving boards.

All products and serving boards come with a Lifetime Reconditioning Guarantee.


The Lifetime Reconditioning Guarantee℠ is exclusive to all Cotton and Dust cutting boards. At any time, feel free to send your investment back to us for a complete reconditioning. We'll not only make your piece look new again, we'll cover all of the shipping and handling charges.

Call us at 877-776-DUST, or go to the Contact page and tell us you're ready for a recondition. We send all the packing materials to you - as well as everything you need to send the item back to West Texas. Turn around time once received, is about 10-15 days. You'll never have to buy another cutting board again and our accessory line will last a lifetime. Buy It Once℠.